33 weeks!

33 weeks!

33 weeks!
Around 7 weeks left to go! This week Stella is the size of a pineapple and about 4.25 lbs.

My belly is so big at this point that it has exited my personal space and entered everyone else's. Not many people touch it, and no strangers have unexpectedly put their hands on my belly. But I get questioned about the pregnancy and smiled at more and more often these days.

The other night after I went to yoga we went grocery shopping. As we entered the store we walked past a woman on crutches standing beside a very full cart. She beamed at us and followed us with her eyes as we walked by. I was oblivious, but J turned around to look back at her and she was still looking our way. He thought she might need assistance so he went back to help her out to her car. I wandered on, putting fruit in our cart. He came back a few minutes later with a big grin on his face and said "she didn't need help. She just thought you looked so beautiful and big that she couldn't help smiling at you." It was so sweet of her to say, and I was so touched. After months of clothes not fitting quite right and restless sleep, of swollen ankles and aching hips, it's so, so nice to just be smiled at.

Happy Wednesday!


seesaw designs said...

adorable! i love it.

Andie East said...

Love the belly and I'm happy when it entered my personal space on Friday. Paul and I both thought you looked positively radiant and angelic, peaceful and pretty. Why my life so busy? I just want to sit and talk to you and have tea and touch stella.

Suellen Cox said...

this post is lovely, made me smile and smile