week 31

Side view...

Kind of front view...

I feel enormous these days. My belly seems to get bigger every hour. I'm baffled every morning when I look in the mirror at the thought that I've got two more belly-expanding months left to go. This week, according to the Baby Bump app, she is the size of four navel oranges, and weighs in at over 3 pounds.

Stella (yes, we're naming her Stella!) shifts and pushes and kicks all throughout the day, even more so after I eat. Most of the time I feel her resting in a diagonal across my belly, with what feels like little fingers or toes tickling my left hip bone, and a round bump (butt or head?) under my right ribs.

She loves it when I sing her my made-up "little Miss Stella from Oakland, California..." song. She responds in movement, maybe to my singsong voice, or to the vibrations from my diaphragm. And she loves it when Jordan talks to her in the evening. He encourages her to kick him in the nose and is so elated when she does.


Lisa Anne Logan said...

she is going to be beautiful just like her mama.

"little miss stella
will break the hearts of all the fellas..."

auntie LA likes to make up the singsongs too!

Andie East said...

Love the baby time updates. Looking forward to seeing you soon! xxoxox's