miso street art

I am in love with the street art of Miso's Stanislava Pinchuk. She's young. She's 21 and lives in Melbourne, Australia.
Her work sways between pasting hand drawn
portraits in city streets, to intricate drawings and installations in gallery spaces. She has just completed writing a book for Thames & Hudson, and had her street work bought and archived by the National Gallery of Australia.
"Miso is really taken with the idea of art , and especially street art, as being something which binds us as a community. It functions in a very old fashioned way, in that it becomes a way of telling and sharing stories and images, embedding them within the city. Like folk art, it comes to have a very particular, practical function. It brings us together as makers, viewers and consumers, finding new pieces and exploring the possibilities of our cities. In this sense, a lot of Miso’s work deals with telling stories. it is heavily inspired by the Ukranian folklore she grew up with, alongside sharing stories from Eastern Europe today, as well as from her new home in Melbourne.”

(found over on Design for Mankind)


A.L. Orozco said...

Love. Love. Love.

Hannah said...

Yes! BIG hearts.