friday baked eggs

Happy Friday!

The past few mornings I've been craving baked eggs.

Breakfast: baked eggs with feta and basil

This morning I made delicious baked eggs with feta and basil.
They're super easy.
-Preheat the over to 450
-Wisk together 2 eggs with a little milk, a little pepper and a dash of salt
-Pour the mixture into a ramekin
-Add basil
-Add feta crumbles

Bake for 25 minutes or until cooked through.



Andie East said...

I like it. I'm going to eat it tomorrow. I have no ramekin!

Hannah said...

Do you have another little ramekin-like baking dish? Did you make the eggs? I made them again this morning, this time with goat cheese, basil, and yellow heirloom tomato. MMmm...

Aralena said...

I'm impressed! This looks delicious.