alphabet city

Found on reubenmiller (via The New Yorker book blog): "22 of the world's most creative alphabets"

Rubber band alphabet by Nicolas Queffelec.

Office clip shadow alphabet by Dave Wood. via Johnson Banks blog.

Hairy alphabet by
Craig Ward. via David Airey.

Cubic alphabet by Svetoslav Simov.

Human alphabet by Kalle Mattsson. via David Airey.

And this "wish you were here" by Craig Ward (behind the Hairy Alphabet, above) reminds me of Rob Ryan's intricate paper cutouts. Like this:

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Prêt à Voyager said...

so glad to see you in blogland, hannah! these prints would have been so perfect for my typography-themed birthday party last year :)


p.s. i just got myself a great new basic trench for the spring. now for the weather to get warm enough...