Teen Dream

Beach House has been on constant repeat this week.

The sound of Beach House, at the core, is a melancholy one. So I am not surprised that Mark Richardson over at Pitchfork penned this:
Despite the brighter, more pop-informed sound and an album title that brings to mind the hazy nostalgia of youth, Teen Dream has a pretty sad heart.

That sad heart is so full and so good though. Give it a listen.


Anna said...

this is all i've been listening to since the day it came out. it is killing me with its sad and beautiful heart. i like that our lives have the same soundtrack so often. xo. ak.

Hannah said...

I like that our lives have the same soundtrack too. It's like we are together even when we're not. xo

Andie East said...

just had this on as the soundtrack to dinner. Got a bit sad though...going to give it another go, perhaps not at dinner.