dinner plans: cumin lamb meatballs

What are you having for dinner tonight?

I'm making Melissa Clark's amazing cumin lamb meatballs with tahini yogurt dipping sauce that my friend Shayna told me about last month. We had them a few weeks ago and the meatballs were such a hit. Stella kept asking for more, and there were no leftovers the next day. I'm going to serve them over pearl couscous, with pickled cucumbers, and an arugula, golden beet, goat cheese salad. My mouth is watering already.

[image: Evan Sung for The New York Times]


all is possible

Oh, hey there.

After reading this blog post about the death of the blog back in December, I took stock. Did I enjoy blogging? Sometimes. Do people read/enjoy my blog? Yes, a few. Do I have time to commit to writing and curating in this way? Sometimes; though most of my internet activity happens on my phone and most typing is done with one hand while nursing...which is why Instagram is so satisfying these days. As my posts were getting less and less frequent, I figured a full break from the blog might be in order. And it was so easy to just stop.

Then on Friday night Jordan sat down at the dinner table and said "I need to have a serious talk with you." My heart dropped. "About your blog," he continued. I laughed. Oh, blog... He then proceeded to guilt encourage me to start writing again. For myself. For our girls. As a testament to this life we live together. I listened. So here I am.

Spring has arrived in Oakland, and with it the possibility of a new season. In the spirit of spring, I'm sharing Dvořák's Quartet #12 (the American String Quartet), which I heard on the radio this morning, and which has always filled me a happy wonder and sense that all is possible.