pizza friday + links

Elise Joy's The Best is Yet to Come
It's Friday which means it is homemade pizza night at our house; the pizza dough is rising as I write this. Stella loves "Pizza Friday" as she gets to help assemble the pizzas, meaning she usually eats more pieces of cheese and olives than actually make it on her pizza. Tonight I'm making a pizza bianco (without the Parmesan) for myself with prosciutto, and arugula from our garden. Yum.

Happy weekend, lovelies.


life is a glorious thing + friday links

It has been an emotional week. Last Friday night a friend's husband died unexpectedly. There are no words to describe the immeasurable loss and subsequent outpouring of love that we have witnessed for her and their young son and their family over the past seven days. His death has made me pause often, tell those around me that I love them, and hold tightly onto my family and friends.

Life is a fragile, precious, glorious thing. It is good to be reminded. 

Happy weekend.

I love Sophie Calle. Forever.

The perfect weekend bag.

I am usually one to roll my eyes and make fake gagging sounds at food restrictions, but now that I've gone dairy, nut, and tomato free for Djuna's sake I'm actually considering buying this cookbook. Crazy? Maybe.

I found my perfect jumpsuit. (thanks for the treat, Mom!)

Though I am, and always have been, a morning person, the upside of being a night owl.

[image: Guillaume Ziccarelli; 2014 Sophie Calle/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, ADAGP, Paris ; Paula Cooper Gallery and Galerie Perrotin]


trip anticipation

We were on the plane en route to France and Turkey for our honeymoon when I turned to Jordan and said: "I'm already feeling so sad about the end of our trip... Where should we go next?!" The trip had barely begun and I was already mourning the return home.

I am a planner. I love to create itineraries, think about the food we will eat, the art and architecture we will see, and imagine myself in a new or well-loved far-off place. I pack and unpack my suitcase 10 times in my head before my suitcase is even opened. I read guidebooks and articles, research restaurants and coffee shops, map out unique stores, bookstores, and boutiques. That is, I did all of those things before having kids. It's a little harder now to plan; plans don't often turn out as expected with children. That has been a hard lesson to learn for this planner.

So, of course, I laughed and nodded my head when my Mom pulled out Stephanie Rosenbloom's article What a Great Trip! And I'm Not Even There Yet at our weekly coffee date on Tuesday and said "this is SO US." The article describes us, me and my Mom, perfectly. We relish the anticipation, the longing for travel and new experiences, while the reality, oftentimes, is the trip itself is mired down by the day-to-day: the weather, exhaustion, a bad unplanned meal.
Turns out, there is an art to anticipation. Savoring, said Elizabeth Dunn, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia and a leading happiness researcher, is an active, not passive, process. “It’s better to immerse yourself,” she said. Reading novels and poetry, watching films and television programs, browsing fashion and design blogs that are either from or about the place you plan to visit encourages you to not only learn about your destination, but to dream, providing some concrete details for your mind to latch on to. It may sound counterintuitive, but this building up of positive expectations and excitement actually helps our minds smooth over any minor discrepancies if reality doesn’t quite measure up to the fantasy. “We’re less likely to be bothered by these little holes if we build up our expectations ahead of time,” Professor Dunn said. “So go ahead and assume it’s going to be wonderful.”
What about you? Do your travels live up to the ones you imagine and create in your head prior to the trip itself?

[image: cara lou of we do iceland]


goodbye to all that...hair

I am in seriously in love with my new haircut.

After years of living with and loving long hair, it was time for a change. I showed my hairdresser, Alise, a photo of Michelle Williams for inspiration. Alise worked her magic.

And now I'm ready for summer.